Solenoid Valves GECA


The strength and reliability of this range of solenoid valves make them the ideal solution for a wide variety of industrial applications. They are particularly suitable for the control of water, air, inert gases, steam and non-aggressive fluids in general.
The strong brass compact body and the technical solutions adopted permit reduced overall dimensions. Produced in 2/2 ways normally closed or opened


  • Standard Specification:Power supply: 12Vcc, 12Vca, 24Vcc, 24Vca, 230Vca

    Flud: water, oil, air
    Fluid temperature: -10°C…+90°C
    Ambient temperature: -10°C…+50°C
    Body material: brass
    Pilot seal material: FKM
    Mine shutter and diaphragm: NBR
    Coil power: CA 10 VA (working) CA 16 VA (take off)
    Working pressure: min 0,3mbar max 16bar

MC111 1/2″ N.C. 230Vac
MC112 3/4″ N.C. 230Vac
MC113 1″ N.C. 230Vac
MC114 1/2″ N.A. 230Vac
MC115 3/4″ N.A. 230Vac
MC116 1″ N.A. 230Vac
MC171 1″1/4 N.C. 230Vac
MC172 1″1/2 N.C. 230Vac
MC173 2″ N.C. 230Vac
MC161 1″1/4 N.A. 230Vac
MC162 1″1/2 N.A. 230Vac
MC163 2″ N.A. 230Vac

Make: Geca/Tecno Control Italy