TOM :: Tank truck fuel unloading oil meter


Invention of a century! From the beginning of history of fuel industry, precise checking of unloaded mass from tank truck was a big deal. But with our invention TOM, gas station owner will no longer worry about checking unloaded fuel amount. This will be world-first affordable tank truck oil meter for gas station owners, with accuracy of 0.1%.

How do you validate unloaded fuel amount from tank truck?

Do you still go up the tanks trucks to check the amount of oil you receive? But do you know that this endeavor is actually meaningless?

It is common mischief to pull out illegal modification to level notch in fuel tank truck, around the world. In Korea, as of Jan 1st, 2015, level notch in fuel tank truck is no longer regulated under legal meter law. It implies that the level notch that you are watching might be invalid one, and not credible.

Fuel transportation process is heavily monitored by numerous auxiliary procedures and sensors. But even with those attempts, illegal attempts are tried everyday, and can’t filter out human error or mistakes. And gas station owner have to take in non-pole-signed-fuels as well, which is often not heavily monitored as pole-signed-fuels are dealt with.

We Hi-Level proudly present our solution – our newest invention,
TOM : The tank truck Oil Meter!