Three(3) different types of flow nozzles are being used to determine a fluid’s flowrate through pipes.

ISA 1932 nozzle

The ISA 1932 Nozzle was developed in 1932 by the International Federation of the National.
Standardizing Associations, which was superseded by ISOin 1946. The ISA 1932 nozzle is commonly used outside of the USA(ASME, 1971)

Long Radius nozzle

a variation of the ISA 1932 nozzle. The long radius nozzle differs from the ISA 1932 nozzle in shape and in the position of the pressure tappings.

Venturi nozzle

a combination type model that has the similar induction area of ISA 1932 and similar outlet cone of venturi tube. This design has a lower pressure loss than a similar nozzle.

Standard Specifications

Sizing calculation ISO 5167 (1991 & 2003 Edition)
Construction Weld-In type
Holding ring type
Flanged type
Knock pin type
End con’n Flnged
Butt welds?
Nozzle type Long radius (pipe taps)
ISA 1932 nozzle (corner taps)
ASME PTC 6 nozzle (throat taps)
Venturi-Nozzle (throat taps)
Accuracy Throat Taps
±0.15% to ±0.25% (calibrated & extrapolated)
meet ASME PTC 6 code
Pipe Taps
±0.5% (calibrated & extrapolated)
Rangeability 5 : 1 for indication or recording
3.5 : 1 for control application
  • Nipple
  • Tap valve
  • Straightener (per ISO 5167, ASME PTC 19.5)
  • Others are available on request