The central unit AN750 is the main device of the fixed fume analysis system which manages signals coming from the peripheral probes installed at boilers (max. 4).
The central unit is housed in a polypropylene case with transparent polycarbonate door and rating IP65. On the unit front panel there is a blue monochromatic backlit graphic display 1/4” VGA STN (320×240 pixel).
Main card includes a 16-bit microcontroller which processes all the input data, displays them and stores them in an 16Mb Flash store.

The communication through Modbus Rtu binary protocol is done by a remote RS232 or RS485 output.
The boiler status reading is done every seconds.

  • Standard Specification:Power supply: 230Vca 50-60HZ (+10-15%)
    Absorption: 35 VA max a 230Vac
    Passive analog inputs 4-20mA: max 4 for each boiler
    Active analog inputs 4-20mA: max 4 for each boiler
    Consent inputs (n° 2 for each boiler): Normally Closed contact
    N.3 general relays: 3A 230Vca
    Work temperature and humidity: da +5° a + 45°C / da 15 a 95%
    Sizes (H x L x W): 318x388x160 mm