Ultrasonic Biogas Flow meter


BF-3000B Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter is based on bypass measurement method, which can measure the flow rate of biogas, air, natural gas and other gases. In the bypass type flow meter, flow in the main line is inferred by measuring the flow in a small bypass line, it can effectively solve the problems such as moisture and sensor corrosion, and improve the measurement accuracy.

• No movable parts, no pressure drop.
• Unique methane content reading function.
• Ultrasonic technology, high precision, long lifetime.
• Combination of the pressure and ultrasonic transit time differential principle, the flow measurement of large pipeline available.
• No effect if installation and maintenance when the pipeline is working.
• Low power consumption. Battery can be used for more than 5 years.
• All-in-one detecting design, measure flow velocity, temperature, pressure and methane concentration directly.