Vortex Precession Gas Flowmeter


Name  Vortex Precession Gas Flowmeter
Nominal diameter (mm) DN25-DN200
Applicable medium Gas
Accuracy class 1.0% 、1.5%
Pressure class PN1.6MPa 、 PN2.5Pa 、PN4.0MPa
Medium temperature -20~80℃
Ambient temperature -30~60℃
Relative humidity 5%~95%
Atmospheric pressure 86KPa~106KPa
Temperature and pressure compensation User selection
Working power supply External power supply:24V DC Internal power supply:3.6V lithium battery
Power consumption of complete instrument External power supply: Internal power supply:
Output signal Frequency signal 4-20mA current signal
Communication RS485 communication、Modbus communication,
Can transmit instantaneous flow, accumulative flow,
pressure and temperature parameters
Housing material Aluminum alloy housing(PN≤1.6Mpa)
stainless steel shell(PN≤4.0Mpa)
PN>4.0Mpa for special specifications
Installation method Flange installation
Explosion-proof mark ExdIIBT4
Protection class IP65
Vortex Precession Gas Flowmeter
Nominal diameter(mm) Measuring range(m³/h)
DN25 2.5-30
DN32 4.5-60
DN50 10-150
DN80 28-400
DN100 50-800
DN150 150-2250
DN200 360-3600