This gauge is generally used for the boilers and the basic structure is same as transparent type but the gauge body will be manufactured in trapezoid shape. Green and red filter glasses are used between the illuminator and gauge body which displays the red and green colors on the steam and water respectively by penetrating red on steam area and refracting green on water area. Mica Shield should be sued to protect the glass form steam for boiler type gauges and it should be replaced periodically.

Standard Specifications

Mounting Refer to catalogue page-G6
MAWP 4978 psi(350 kg/cm2g) @ sat.temp.
It is vairous for each model
Mica shield for steam service
Test pressure 1.5 x MAWP
PED para. 7.4 for CE design
Shell material C.S(prefered on Cusmerer’s MPS)
Visible length Max. 3510 mm
Application Water, Steam
C to C Max. 3630 mm
Vessel con’n as per Customer’s MPS
Design ASME B&PV, Sec. I

Standard Specifications

  • Vent valve
  • Drain valve
  • Scale plate(Steel ruler)
  • Hand wheel with chin or arm lever
  • Mica shield(for steam service)