This is a gauge that can distinguish the levels by measuring the conductivity differences between water and steam using probe inserted inside of the chamber. This can be used as a level switch or level transmitter if required.

Standard Specifications

Range No. of electrodes : Max. 16(standard) Max. 32 points (as special req.)
Length of the special heat-proof wire for electrodes : Max. 30m
MAWP SEL-G200W, G200S : 50 kg/cm2
SEL-G300W, G300S : 300 kg/cm2
MAWT SEL-G200W, G200S : 180 ˚C
SEL-G300W, G300S : 560 ˚C
Power supply 85~264 V AC (48~65 Hz)
Backup battery 7.2V Ni-MH Pack(2700 mA/h)
Input MPU Digital input : water sensing(16ch)
Front setting key : 4 key
RIU Analog input : 4~20 mA (1chennel)
Output MPU Analog output : Isolated A/O(4~20 mA * 2)
Digital output : Relay No. 8 points(contact : 220V AC /3A)
RS 485 Communication
SPDT / DPDT (4 points)

Standard Specifications

  • CE Certificate available
  • Exclusively for the thermal power and compound thermal power plant HP, LP, IP drum
  • Power plant steam generating device, heat exchanger
  • Water / Steam service with high press. & high temp. for all industrial plant