Though this gauge has an disadvantage of expensive price, no likely the glass type, spare parts will not be required as non-magnetic materials (over 304SS grade) will be used as the raw materials, and also this is one of the most frequently used product recently because there is no leak points and can be used semi permanently. The permanent magnet float inside of the chamber will rotate the indicator flap 180 degrees in accordance with the change of levels. The colors of the front and back side of the flap will be designed differently to show the levels respectively.

Standard Specifications

Mounting Side – Side
Bottom for underground tank
MAWP 2500 psi(175 kg/cm2g)
MAWT 660 ˚F(350 ˚C)
Test pressure 1.5 x MAWP w/o Float
PED para. 7.4 for CE design
Shell material S.S(prefered on Cusmerer’s MPS)
Specific gravity Min. 0.34
Application Liquid, Steam
Vessel con’n as per Customer’s MPS
MODEL SEMS-90(Level switch) SHT-100S-EX(Level ransmitter)
Max. DC-A 0.5A 4 ~ 20 mA
Max. DC-V 100V DC 5 ~ 40V DC
Temp. range -20 ~100˚C -10 ~80˚C
Conduit PF 1/2″ PF 1/2″
Remark Exd IIB+H2 T5 Exd IIB T5 IP65

Standard Specifications

  • Drain : Gate valve, Globe Valve, Plug valve
  • Nipple & Cap
  • Scale plate(Steel ruler)