Paperless Recorder ARC900 Series


The ARC900 Series Paperless Recorder features the most advanced technology. It can be applied across a broad scope of industrial applications. ARC900 is the product which with multi-channels, complete functions, easy operation, high accuracy, low power but high performance. And the series overcome the old-fashioned paperless recorder, which has less channels, multiple installation and space-consuming problem.

Panel type DIN Size (144 * 144 mm), 320 * 240 Pixels, TFT true color (LCD)
 128 MB memory installed inside, applied to long terms data record
 Common input signal, mA, Include VDC, T/C, RTD, Hz etc.
 High accuracy +/-0.15% of Reading
 Maximum 12 points Relay, 4 point 4-20 mA output and 24 VDC output
 16 channels maximum input
 24 VDC Aux. power supply available for 2 wires system
 Display / Record single point, Multi-point, Trend, Totalizer, Bargraph
 The recorded data could be stored in USB memory & SD memory card and transferred to computer for soft analysis
 Outdoor type (IP65), wall-mount, 280 mm (W) * 242 mm (H) * 157 mm (D)


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