PD138 MINIMUX II Temperature and Process Scanner


The MINIMUX® II PD138 is a microprocessor-based, eight-channel analog input scanner/multiplexer and annunciator that provides low-cost automatic switching for multi-point display and alarm systems. It can automatically switch up to eight inputs to another device such as a digital panel meter, controller, or PLC. Signal switching is done via reed relays making the PD138 ideal for switching thermocouples, RTDs, control loops, and AC/DC signals. They feature rugged NEMA 4X/IP65 fronts and a wide operating temperature range. They can be programmed for many common ISA alarm sequences including first out indication and they provide alarm signaling through front panel LEDs and a build in 85 dB horn. Custom printed message labels can be included with your order at no additional charge by completing the form.


  • 8 Inputs per Unit, Eliminates Need for 7 Displays
  • Unlimited Number of Units per System
  • Free Custom Message Labels
  • Thermocouples, RTDs, Process, AC & DC Inputs
  • Adjustable Dwell Time for Each Channel
  • Independent Alarm Input for Each Channel
  • First-Out Alarm Indication
  • Alarms Indicated by LEDs, Built-in Horn, and Relay
  • Built-in 85 dB Horn with Silence Pushbutton
  • Stop-On-Alarmed Channel (Field Select)
  • Non-Interruptible 4-20 mA Inputs
  • Sunlight Readable Indication
  • NEMA 4X/IP65 Front
  • Shallow Depth 1/8 DIN Enclosure
  • -40 to 65°C Operating Temperature Range