The DDP75 offers an economical and reliable pump for transfer of light to medium viscosity fluids. High flow rates can be achieved easily especially where low back-pressure applications exist. The ability to dry-run allows easy priming while operating without any damage to the pump. The Cast Aluminum body allows this pump to be used with a range of compatible chemicals as well as the new or used oils and engine coolants (RTU), diesel or oily water applications. Fully repairable and spare parts are readily available. Not suitable for flammable liquids.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Air Pressure: 690kPa (100psi)
  • Inlet / Outlet Ports: 3″ NPT(F)
  • Air Inlet Size/Type: 1/2″ NPT(F)
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 598 L/min (viscosity dependent)
  • Suction Lift: 5.2m (dry) / 9.8m (wet)
  • Maximum Solids Handling: 6.4mm (0.25″)
  • Fluid temperature range: -12ºC – 82ºC
  • Maximum Noise level: 96 dB(A)
  • Fluid Compatibility: Oils (new & used), Engine Coolants RTU (new & used), oily water, diesel
  • Wetted Components: Cast Aluminum (body), Buna N (valve seats, diaphragms, check valves)

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 598 liter / minutes flow rate – Measured with water at the pump outlet
  • Fitted with band clamps on the inlet and outlet manifolds – Easy dismantling for repairs or clearing blockages
  • Cast Aluminum body – Wide range of chemical compatibility for broader applications
  • Air-Operated pumps can be speed controlled – More control over a pump output
  • Fast fluid transfer for low to medium viscosity fluids -Inexpensive way to move large volumes of fluid
  • Easy self-priming – No damage to pump while running even with little or no fluid flow (for short periods)

Package Includes

  • DDP75 Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump 3″ ported
  • Air Exhaust Muffler 1″ NPT(M)
  • Instruction Manual