eYc DST01 Universal Isolating Signal Converter / Splitter


  • Signal isolation:Power supply;Analog input
  • 3 groups of analog output
  • 1 set RS-485 output
  • Multiple input signals
  • LED display working status
  • Easy button operation
  • DIN rail installation, high safety & stability

DST01 The signal conditioner incorporates two bright and easy to read LCD displays which indicate process value (PV) and user selected parameter.
Powered by a DC 12 … 38 V or AC 95 … 250 V supply. It is fully programmable for linear voltage, linear current, Pt100 and thermocouple types such as J, K, T, E, B, R, S, N, L, U, P, C, and D input. Its fast sampling rate allows the signal conditioner to retransmit the signal faster, the maximum of 3 retransmission with one input.