Passive Signal Isolator (Porstech)


1. Summary
     Pors-GN passive signal isolators are used without external power suply, its power to work comes from input current. In actual application, it can solve problem caused by signal connection and suppress interference in signal transmission effectively.
Power, input, output are isolated from each other, two channels are isolated and independent.
Input loop and output loop is isolated.

2. Technical index
    ◆ Input
Current: 4-20mA
Equivalent input impedance: 150Ω+load’s resistance (when input is 20mA)
Voltage drop: ≤3V (20mA)
Over-load current: ≤ 35mA
◆ Output
Current: 4-20mA
Output capacity:
Output load’s resistance: RL≤(Ui-Ud)/0.02
Output ripple voltage: < 10mVp-p
◆ Performance index (to full span)
Accuracy:  1) high accuracy: ±0.1%, accuracy not vary when load change from 0 to 550Ω;
2) nomal type: ±0.1% (load=100Ω) every 100Ω increase of the load, accuracy decrease 0.1%;
Temperature drift: ±0.015%FS/℃
Response time: < 5ms
Isolated strength: 2.5kVAC, 50Hz, 1min
Insulation resistance: ≧100MΩ /500VDC
EMC: compliance to GB/T18268, IEC61326-1
Operating temperature: -20~+60℃
Operating humidity: 0~90%RH (no dew)

3. Model details
    please contact us for detailed ordering info.

4. Structure and dimension
    Structure: plastic shell, clip-mounting
Mounting: DIN 35mm standard rail
Connection mode: pluggable terminal
Cable: 0.5~2.5 spuare mm singel or multiple strands cable
Outline dimension: 22.5×100.0×114.5mm (W*H*D)
5. Termianls and connection