Intech TN410LCE – Infrared Thermometer -60 to 500°C with Laser and LED Light


The ThermaTwin TN410LCE Handheld Infrared Thermometer is a professional laser thermometer with advanced temperature processing. It also has a built-in socket that accepts commercially available K-type thermocouple (not included).

  • Laser Sighting
  • Large LCD Screen, with bright amber Backlight
  • Infrared Range -60~500°C
  • Accuracy = -33~500°C, ±2% of reading or 2°C (4°F), whichever is greater
  • Modes: Ave, Dif, Hi/Low Alarm, Real Time Max / Min, Lock
  • Optics 12:1
  • Accepts Type “K” Thermocouples (-64~1400°C)
  • LED Flashlight included
  • Supplied with 2x AAA batteries and vinyl carry case with belt loop
  • Auto Power Off extends battery life
  • Emissivity (preset to 0.95) adjustable from 0.10 to 0.95 in 0.01 steps.
  • TYPE  TN410LC(E)
    Description: IRT + Laser + Thermocouple socket, (E) with LED Flashlight (optional)
    Measurement range: -60~500°C (-76~932°F)
    Full Range Accuracy:(Tamb=23±3 °C) -33~500°C
    ±2% of reading or 2°C(4°F) whichever is greater
    Distance: Spot: 12:1
    Emissivity Range: 0.95 default, adjustable from 0.1 to 1 step .01
    Resolution 0.1°C/0.1°F at -9.9~199.9°C, otherwise 1°C/1°F
    Mode: Ave, Dif, Hi/Low Alarm, Real Time Max / Min, Lock
    Thermocouple Probe: Small Socket, K type, 12 minutes auto power off
    Measurement Range: -60~1400°C (-83.2~1999°F)
    Probe Accuracy: ±1% of reading or 1°C(1.8°F) whichever is greater (Test under Tamb=23±6°C)
    Power Supply AAA x 2