SNG Gravity Measurement


TEST SPECIFIC GRAVITY of YOUR SNG & KNOW THECLORIFIC VALUE/WOBBE INDEXMACS is Providing SNG testing Services to all SNG (LPG/Air Mixture) users in Pakistan,

Why should you test and what benefits you will get.

1) Test Specific Gravity of your Natural gas to calculate actual wobbe Index.

2) Test Specific Gravity of your SNG to know calorific value and wobbe index.

3) Regulate your LPG consumption and reduce your operating energy cost.

4) Rich combustion means you are burning thousands of Rupees extra every day.

5) We will provide testing certificate both for Natural gas and SNG.

6) We will provide you Wobbe Index Calculation sheet for your SNG system. Don’t burn your money, test your SNG and ask your system supplier to adjust LPG/Air ratio.