eYc FUMD Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter


Analog output:4 … 20 mA, Maximum load:600 Ω
Accuracy:2.0% (±0.5 m/s … 5.0 m/s)
Response time:2 sec
Alarm output:OCT, high and low flow alarm function (Optional)
Power supply:DC 24 V
Keypad:Four light touch buttons
Screen:OLED 128×64 display screen
Units:Metric and imperial units are available, m3/h, L/h, GAL/h, m3/min, L/min, GAL/min. Default unit setting:m3/h
Totalizer:Six bit digit
Liquid:Water, Chemical, Oil
Piper material:Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, PVC
Case material:Aluminum alloy
Environmental Temp.:0°C … 50°C
Liquid Temp.:0°C … 50°C
Environmental Humid.:0 … 95%RH(Non-condensing)
IP rating:IP54
Data storage:Day, monthly, and year flow totalizer
Cable length:1.8 m