Fuel Saver for Natural Gas, LPG, Petrol, Diesel, Furnace Oil


GMX is the manufacturers in the United States of America for high efficiency, High Powered Liquid Conditioners since 1992 that function without any outside power using Magneto Hydro Dynamic (MHD) Technology that saves 10 – 25% on Natural Gas, LP Gas, Petrol, Diesel & Furnace Oils from motor cars to industrial use. The GMX no maintenance technology will save you money and let you enjoy greater profits with a onetime cost that has a lifetime warranty.

Your industrial operational cost is reduced significantly. Your plant and machinery last longer with cleaner, lesser maintenance. Transportation and energy cost reduced with greater efficiency with little or no carbon emissions to the environment.
A smoother better pick-up for motor cars.

High Powered Magneto Hydro Dynamics Technology well designed and focused on the flowing fluid, significantly changes the physical structure of all types of fuel such as Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene, Furnace Oils, LP & Natural Gas to maximum performance benefit and economic advantage.

GMX High Powered Magnetic Fluid Conditioner Device has a United States Patented design to obtain the maximum effect & benefit on an inline fluid flow of Natural Gas, LP Gas, Petrol, Diesel & Furnace Oils.

The installation is a simple and easy online clamp on device available for pipe diameters from 1/4″ to 14″. Consult us for higher diameters up to 20″

Models : Install 2 + pipe diameter. Ex: 1″ diameter pipe will require 3 units. Non ferrous type pipe material such as stainless steel or PVC.




1. Hydrocarbon-based combustible fluids such as gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, LP and natural gas require the Oxygen Molecule to be combined with Hydrocarbon Molecule for a complete combustion to take place.

2. This process does not take place effectively as the oxygen and hydrocarbon molecules are negative charges and repulsive forces and not attractive forces.

3. Fuel, like most fluids, can be ionized by an external magnetic force if it is designed with high power and maximum focusing angle to achieve maximum contact time in an inline liquid flow.

4. When MAGNETIZED, the fuel’s Hydrocarbons are ionized to exhibit a net positive charge. The change in charge allows the fuel to aggressively attract and bond with available negatively charged Oxygen. This creates a more comprehensive hydrocarbon molecule with its own oxygen supply and the end result is a more efficient and fully burning, explosive mixture which now has its own oxygen base. Additionally, hydrocarbon chains in fuel are fragmented by the force of high powered magnetic energy similar to a wood log being split into smaller pieces to help a quicker and complete burning process without any residue.

5. The magnetized fuel also attracts and removes previous carbon and varnish build-up in all surfaces of fuel contact in the engine, in the injectors and engine for even higher efficiency.

6. Diesel fuel will resist gelling. (Gelling is a temperature induced “crystallization”) This means that during cold weather, special fuel additives may be eliminated.

7. Also, for the same oxygen bonding and cleaning reasons as outlined above, immediately apparent is the increase in available power and the marked reduction in the exhaust smoking normally associated with diesel power.

Make: GMX International USA