Ideal control panels for small gas detection systems, high performances. The big back lighted display placed on the front panel allows the actual visualization in real time of all reading values of the connected sensors. Equipped by 4 inputs and 5 relays, expandable up 8 detectors and 9 outputs relays through specific expansion boards. The intuitive keyboard allows in an intuitive way to use the control panel and the programming is facilitated by the self-driving system and by the pre-configuration of our detectors.

  • Compatible to all sensors series “SE” and “TS” with output 4-20mA
  • Easy setup with pre-configurated list of pre-programmed detectors
  • Configuration protected by a password (3 safety levels)
  • AND, OR and PARKING (DM 1/2/86 o EN50545-1), logical operation usable in zones
  • “RESET” function
  • Last events visualized on the display (100)
  • Operation/Working visualization with Yellow, Green, Red LED
  • Clock with automatic daylight saving time
  • Check inputs/outputs boards presence
  • Firmware updating by SD-Card
  • N° 2 batteries of 12V 1,3 Ah can be setting
  • Standard Specification:Power Supply: 230Vac
    Inputs: max 8 detectors (4 installed expandable to 8 with ES404 board)
    Logical inputs: 1 for an immediate alarm (ex. button)
    Output relay: max 9 (5 installed expandable to 9 with ES414 board)
    Capacity replay: 3A (resistives) SPDT 230Vac
    Alarm levels: 3 programmable levels + fault, level programmable in zone
    Dimensions: 285(l)x230(h)x140(p) mm

  • Option:ES404: board with 4 inputs 4-20 mA sensors (max 1)

    ES414: board with 4 output relays (max 1)