Explosion-proof Lamp (Emergency)


● Explosion protection to




● Can be applied in

Zone 1, Zone2

Zone21, Zone22

● Light source and power:

Fluorescent tube (T8): 18W,36W

Fluorescent tube (T5): 14W,28W

LED module: 10W,20W,30W,36W

● Two enclosure types:

-T8/T5 fluorescent tube: 18W×1,18W×2,14W×1,14W×2

LED  tube: 10W×1, 20W×1, 30W×1, 36W×1

-T8/T5 fluorescent tube: 36W×1,36W×2,28W×1,28W×2

LED  module: 20W×2,30W×2,36W×2

● LED module is external power supply, LED light source and LED power is separate type;

● Factory equipped with tube or LED module when delivery;

●Central lock, built-in explosion-proof interlock switch, and switch of safety interlock will be off automatically while cover is opening;

●Emergency unit can be equipped upon request.