SAMIL has designed premium custody transfer systems for a variety of applications:

  • Liquid metering systems range from relatively small liquid production LACT units to huge crude export facilities.
  • Gas metering capabilities include systems for production wells, fuel gas metering for power generation, large-scale pipeline transportation, regasification terminals, border stations, gas supply grids, and city gate metering facilities. SAMIL has acquired vast knowledge that can be applied to any liquid or gas measurement challenge. A thorough under standing of diverse operating conditions, local requirements and customer specifications enables SAMIL to design premium systems that provide reliable and accurate data through numerous years of operation.


  • The Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) unit is a critical system in the ownership transfer of crude oil and petroleum products from the production site to trucks, pipelines or storage tanks. Through decades of experience in LACT unit design and manufacturing, SAMIL has managed to provide precision measurement in even the harshest environments. LACT units SAMIL offers the flexibility of completely-automated or semi-automated 24-hour operation. SAMIL combines an unparalleled depth of engineering expertise and the industry’s most reliable system components.