COM-PWR: PC-Based HART Communicator with Power Supply


About Our Windows-Based HART Communicator with Power Supply

The COM-PWR comes equipped with our innovative DevCom2000 software, as well as a high-quality USB HART modem.

Unlike other PC-based HART communicators, the COM-PWR is equipped with a built-in power supply to save you on overall costs. Instead of purchasing each component individually, our COM-PWR Windows-based HART communicator with a power supply allows you to purchase what you need in a single part number.

Included in the COM-PWR

This PC-based HART communicator with built-in power supply includes:

* Note: Computer is not included.

Everything You Need from a PC-Based HART Communicator with Power Supply

The COM-PWR features a number of components that are designed to make the ordering process much smoother.

With our DevCom2000 software, you have the capabilities to complete HART configurations using your laptop PC.

Other features include:

  • Write saved configurations to devices
  • Clone devices
  • No tag limits
  • Communication and Event Logs
  • Trend process variables as well as any other parameter associated with the device
  • And so much more!

Additionally, for a true Windows-based HART communicator with power supply, you’ll also need our HM-USB-PWR USB HART modem.

Some features of the HM-USB-PWR include:

  • Integral standard USB type A connector
  • Heavy-duty HART mini grabber connectors
  • Designed to meet HART Physical Layer Spec HCF_SPEC-54
  • Self-powered, no external power supply or batteries needed
  • Compact size
  • And much more

All you need is a laptop to get started.


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