Multi-Function Calibrator ACA 60 Series


The ACA60 Series is mainly designed for the calibration and maintenance of on-site industrial thermodynamic instrument and their system. Its complete and practical functions are easily accessible. With latest extensive digital-converted integrative circuit and large-screen display, it is supplied with functions of output, measurement, ITS-90 query and 24 VDC power supply, making it convenient for you to check and calibrate sensor, transmitter, displayed instruments, and control system on spot.

 Large 2-line LCD with backlit display
Sources and reads mA, mV, V, , RTD and frequency
 Keypad to enter output parameters directly
 Simultaneous millivolt display when in temperature measurement mode
 Small, streamlined shape, easy to carry and hold
 Thermocouple measurement / output with automatic or manual cold junction compensation
 Quick query to resistance & temperature, and millivolt & temperature
 24 VDC loop power supply
 Ni-MH battery available, continuous use for at least 6 hours
 Concurrent input / output, convenient to operate
 Temperature unit oC and oF available.


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