eYc Formaldehyde Detector


Type:Electrochemical sensor
Measuring range:0 … 5 ppm(Note 1) / Continuous active sampling real-time detection
Reaction time:Update readings every 20 seconds / t90=2 min / t75=20 sec
Display:Temperature & humidity / Average value per hour display
Alarm:Buzzer alert prompt(≧0.3 ppm)
Battery / Power:
1.Battery operation time>12 hours
2.USB external power
Weight:99 g(with battery)
Output:Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 / APP software for mobile and pad and PC
Optional:USB to RS-485 adapter line
Note:Report of CMS Laboratory, Center for Measurement Standards, ITRI
Note 1:Long time operation is not recommended in high concentration formaldehyde environment(>1 ppm)

Indoor air quality inspection / Formaldehyde / content detection in interior decoration / Labor / safety and Labor workplace determination / Air / cleaner verification of aldehyde removal / efficiency / Functional testing of formaldehyde / removal products / Environmental testing


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