Prepaid IC Card Gas Meter



Item FQ Prepaid Gas Meter
Model G1.6 G2.5 G4.0 G6.0
Permanent   Flowrate 1.6 m³/h 2.5 m³/h 4.0 m³/h 6.0m³/h
Maximum Flowrate(qmax) 2.5 m³/h 4 m³/h 6 m³/h 10m³/h
Minimum Flowrate(qmin) 0.016 m³/h 0.025 m³/h 0.040 m³/h 0.06 m³/h
Transitional  Flowrate (qt) 0.25 m³/h 0.4 m³/h 0.6 m³/h 1.0 m³/h
Initiate Flowrate ≤3 dm³/h ≤5 dm³/h ≤5 dm³/h ≤5 dm³/h
Total Pressure Loss ≤120Pa ≤200Pa ≤250Pa ≤250Pa
Cyclic Volume of Gas Volume Meter 1.20dm³ 3.50dm³
Minimum Reading 0.0002m³ 0.0002m³
Maximum Reading 99999m³ 99999m³
Accuracy Level Class 1.5 Class 1.5
Leak Tightness No leak when ≤15kPa No leak when≤45kPa
Working Pressure ≤10kPa 0.5kPa~30kPa
User Steal Gas Power Close valve automatically and remind the user
Security of IC Card One meter with one card, cannot be replicated
Service Life of IC Card Using Times≥100,000 Times
Way of Alarming Close valve to alarm
Amount of Alarming 2 m³、50 m³ (Purchasing amount for one time>255 m³,the alarming amount will be 50 m³); can also set the alarm from1~255m³
Power supply 3 pieces of 1.5V AAA alkaline dry batteries
Working Current of Static State ≤20μA
Basic Error qminqqt: ≤±3%; qtqqmax ≤±1.5%
Working Temperature -10℃~40℃