Smart Transmitter for DP Flowmeter ADF9500 Series


The ADF9500 Series is a transmitter of differential pressure flowmeter. Differential pressure can be converted into flow value via microcomputer technology and flowrate, totalizer. The differential pressure can be displayed directly in LCD screen. It’s equipped with strong output function: 4-20 mA, pulse and HART. ADF9500 is widely used in differential pressure sensors flowmeter such as orifice, venturi, annubar, v-cone etc. It has high stability and high accuracy.

 Converter can be rotated at six directions for easy installation
Can display flow rate, totalizer and differential pressure at the same time
 Two years stability of 0.2%
 0.075% accuracy
 Parameter setting by keypad directly
 4-20 mA and pulse output, HART communication
 Automatic zero calibration by press-button
 Explosion proof and weather proof housing


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