Thermal Mass Flowmeter ATF2000 Series


ATF2000 Series thermal mass flow meter is designed on the basis of thermal dispersion. It adopts method of constant differential temperature to measuring gas flow. It has the advantages of small size, high digitization, easy installation and high accuracy. ATF2000 is a multi-functional thermal mass flow meter that measures mass flow and volume flow. With insertion type connection, the meter can achieve a hot-tapped installation and maintenance.

 Wide flow range: 0.1-120 m/s for gas
 Turndown ratio of least 100:1
 Temperature range up to 350 oC
 Good vibration resistance and  long service life
 Hot-tap installation. Easy to install & maintain
 No moving parts, no wear, maintenance-free, low pressure loss
 Multiple installation options: Flange, thread, wafer, clamp and insertion
 Direct mass flow measurement of gases. No additional pressure and temperature compensation



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