Open Channel Flow Meters NIVOSONAR



  • 9 different sizes, compact types of PARSHALL flumes made of plastic (PP)
  • Factory calibrated dimensions
  • Reliable measurement with ultrasonic level transmitter
  • Level transmitter can be used for all flume types
  • Displaying of flow measurement and average or total flow
  • Certification of measurement


  • For open channels, gravitational channels
  • Measurement of feed or process water
  • Yield measurement of irrigation canals
  • Treated effluent sewage measurement
Power supply: 12 – 36 V DC 20 – 28 V AC/DC 85 – 255 V AC
Measuring range: 0,94 – 6627 m3/h
Output: 4 – 20 mA, HART®
Protection: IP65, IP67 / IP68


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