VorCone™ Steam Quality & Flow Meter (Model MVC)


VorCone™ flowmeters utilize two different flowmeter technologies in combination; vortex and differential pressure. The design has blended the two separate flow metering principles into one hybrid system where the two meters complement each other’s performance. This combination allows for the prediction of the fluid density, volumetric flow rate, and mass flow rate without any fluid density information being required from an external source.

This ability to measure fluid density allows the meter to provide several valuable outputs. The VorCone meter can calculate the density of changing gas mixtures. For example, natural gas is typically a composition of many different gases which can vary over time and vary by application. In saturated steam service, the meter produces a reliable steam quality (dryness) measurement and steam mass flow rate reading. In wet natural gas service, the meter can provide a reliable liquid loading measurement and gas mass flow rate reading. These are a few examples of the unique capabilities of the VorCone meter.

With the addition of two differential pressure transmitters, advanced diagnostic software (DP Health Check™) continually monitors and verifies the meter’s performance. The VorCone product line is available with a wide range of options and meter configurations to meet your specific application requirements.


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