Water Meter AWF410 Series


AWF410 series features in dual-channel ultrasonic time difference method & dynamic zero point design, making the measurement more accurate and reliable. It uses stainless housing and absence of moving parts resulted in high stability. The flow stabilization function endows the meter with stable measurements and immune to the influence of flow field. With few requirements for straight pipe distance, the water meter has strong practicability. The Low power consumption design results service life up to 15 years. Besides IP68 waterproof design, it is with MODBUS, pulse, and current output is optional. It is widely used in industry, agriculture, waterworks and other fields.

 Q3:Q1 turndown ratio as high as 500:1
 Low power consumption, battery life up to 15 years
 Standard MODBUS RS485, optional 4-20 mA and Pulse output
 Bi-directional-including bi-directions outputs
 Whole body adopts the material of S.S. 304
 IP68 of production class, long term under water operating
 With data storage function, can be stored for 10 years (day, month, year)
 LCD display, shows flowrate, totalizer, flow direction, alarm, leak detection
 Support external power, meets various industrial application


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