LPG Sliding Vane Pump Direct Coupled


LPG sliding vane pump is commonly found in the LPG industry because its high pumping efficiency, long life, ease of maintenance. Its housing and rotors are constructed of ductile iron for high strength. The vanes are self-adjusting for wear. It can handle small amounts of vapor formed at the pump suction. V-belt and coupling drive mounting are available for choice.


•           Cylinder filling

•           Loading/unloading of bulk trucks and transport trailers

•           Automotive fillings

•           Vaporizer feed pumps



Technical Specification: 

Inlet & Outlet: 40mm/1.5″
 Flow Rate: 140 L/min
 Speed: 940RPM
 Max Working Pressure: 25 Bar/362PSI
 Differential Pressure: 4 Bar/58PSI
 Vacuum: 0.4Bar
 NPSH: 2.5m
 Power: 2.2 Kw


Technical Specification: 

Model: LYB-40 LYB-40 with Motor
Size: 40×36×47cm 80×45×54cm
Net Weight: 30kg 103kg
Gross Weight: 37kg 118kg
Package: 1pc/Wooden Case