LPG Turbine Pump


LPG Turbine Pump is designed to achieve new levels of performance by delivering more capacity at high differential pressures, non-pulsating and quiet transfer. The one moving part, the impeller, floats on the shaft without contacting adjacent surfaces, thus extending pump life. It features a rugged ductile iron construction for long life. These factors contribute to trouble free service and long life exhibited by the autogas pump. It can be direct mounted with C-face electric motor. The foot mounted version above is mounted on a baseplate and can be direct driven through a coupling to a 2,880RPM motor.


~Ideal for dual hose dispensers and multiple dispensers

~Continuous duty capability

~Self-aligning, free-floating impeller, Heavy duty bearings, Ductile iron case

~Single mechanical seal

Technical Specification:

Item LWB-150
Inlet: 40mm/1.5″
Outlet: 25mm/1″
Flow Rate: 85 L/min
Max. Working Pressure : 2.8MPa
Differential Pressure: 1MPa
Speed: 2880 RPM
Power: 5.5Kw
Motor: 3Phase/2Stage Ex-proof