MOBI-FF, mobiLink Modem for FF and HART


MOBI-FF FF and HART Modem Benefits

Our MOBI-FF modem for FF can help you to upgrade your facility and operations to boost your company’s overall productivity. When you utilize our MOBI-FF modem within your operations, you’ll get a wide variety benefits including:

  • Access hard to reach instrumentation
  • Ability to improve your plant’s or facility’s personnel safety
  • Easy instrument configuration using PC’s or mobile devices without bulky modules or wires
  • Less clutter on your operators’ desks or workbenches
  • Ability to work safely in hazardous areas
  • Bluetooth and USB interface
  • Ability to support both FF and HART. FF and HART DTM included

Features of the Battery Powered FF and HART Modem

Along with all the benefits listed above for our MOBI-FF mobiLink HART and FF modem, businesses will appreciate the wide variety of advantages that the features of this product provide. Increase efficiency with these great features for the MOBI-FF modem for FF and HART:

  • Bluetooth v4.0
  • USB 2.0
  • Reliable wireless communication up to 45 ft (14m)
  • An internal antenna
  • Rugged plastic enclosure to IP54
  • Battery power capability
  • FF DTM included
  • HART DTM included
  • Ability to work with DevCom2000DevComDroid, and DevCom.iOS Smart Device Communicator Apps (HART Only)
  • Integrated loop for hanging strap attachment
  • 1-year warranty
  • Guaranteed to work with Windows 7 through 10, iOS (Apple), and Android


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